What is Content Marketing?

In the early days of the Internet, most Websites focused on dazzling their visitors with ornate graphics, cool buttons and fancy drop-down menus. Over time however, that type of presentation – without solid written content – began to feel like those free newspapers that are 90 percent advertisements with little substantive material to read.

In the past year, Google implemented several 'Quality Updates' that fundamentally changed the way it ranks content in its core algorithm. The blow-back from those changes can negatively affect Websites that have issues with the quality of their content, or too many 'stuffed' keywords, and also Websites that have too many ads.

The outcome of these important changes reflect the evolving life of the Internet. Google now ranks higher the Websites with the best “organic” written content. That means someone has to write original material that answers visitors' questions in a concise and accurate manner.

Content Writing Services

Need expert content writers? Our staff and our vetted contract writers will provide you with top-notch written content on any subject. Some of the styles and applications we write include:

  • Product Descriptions
  • B2B and B2C White Papers
  • In-house Manuals
  • Consumer manuals
  • General consumer information about your company
  • Article Marketing

Content Marketing Strategy

What is your Content Marketing Strategy? We can write content that is designed to be selected by Google to be placed in the top answer section on a Google results page known as “Snippets.” This will increase clicks and push more traffic to your Website.

Our professional writing staff can also write hyper-focused content designed for marketing your services or products.

We generally accomplish this by writing authoritative white papers, which is a specific, persuasive and in-depth report on a topic that requires your readers to be educated about a particular issue of interest to them.

Ready to get started? Give us a call for a friendly discussion regarding how we can help move your business forward through the best-quality content available.

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