Web Browser Automation

Most businesses today have repetitive tasks to perform such as data processing, product listing, inventory updates, order entries and more.

Web Automation is a tremendous time-saving tool when performing those tasks. It can help reduce human error and man-hours when performing computer duties that are repetitive yet essential to business.

Web Automation Tools - Web Scripting Tool

By using the proper automation tools and scripts, users and programmers can save labor and time on many recurring jobs such as:

  • Web Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Data Scraping and Extraction
  • Report Generation
  • Form Fills
  • Order Entry
  • Data Transfer

Selenium Browser Automation

Web Browser automation tools (such as Selenium) work by recording the series of steps that are input by a human being to form a framework for running redundant tasks. The steps or 'script' is then played back by inserting JavaScript into the Web pages. The operator can then track the results. These web automation tools resemble macros, but are more flexible and intuitive.

When running Web testing, browser automation facilitates the tests that are run frequently during development by eliminating the need for the operator to input by hand all the parameters for each instance.

Automation also allows the Web operator to test for broken links, or pages missing behind the links, and other key errors. Once a Website is live, many things can change, and without redundant testing, many errors can be missed. Automation makes redundant testing much faster and easier once the framework is in place.

Ready to start automating business processes? We can set up your system to automate many of your redundant, time-consuming tasks. We will help you facilitate much simpler and time-saving ways to complete your tasks such as Web scraping, Browser testing, Report generation and much more.

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