Search Engine Optimization (What is SEO?)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of optimizing your  written content and graphical information on your Website so that search engines can better understand that content and place it in the search result hierarchy where it makes the best fit and biggest impact.

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – which are ads you pay for – SEO refers to 'unpaid search results' also known as 'organic' results. SEO can be designed to target various types of searches. These may include written news, academic searches, and may also target photo or video searches.

Why SEO Matters

To properly optimize a Website, people who run your site can add pertinent content using specific 'key words,' insert relevant back-links, and also modify its code by using HTML and other coding to increase its relevance to search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

It is very important to have a fully optimized Website so that the computer algorithms used by search engines recognize the value of your content and rank it higher in Search Engine Page Results or SERPs.

Professional SEO Services

If your Website provides an answer to a user's question that is succinct and accurate, Google will often use that information to create a “snippet,” which is a small box of information that is placed at the top of the results page.

The user will often click on a 'snippet' to obtain a quick answer to a question such as: “What is the best work shoe for nurses?”
If the reader likes the answer, they will usually follow a link in the snippet to the Website. This increases brand awareness and drives Website traffic resulting in more sales for you.

If your business does not have the personnel to optimize your Website pages for SEO, contact us today. We are professionals in this specialized area and we have intimate knowledge of how the algorithms work so we can best assist you in achieving your business and marketing goals. Ready to learn more?

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