Database Services (MySQL and SQL Server)

Many people get confused when they first encounter these two terms: SQL and MySQL. Let's clear that up. The “My” prefix is derived from the first name of the daughter of the man who wrote the first version of the MySQL database, Michael Widenius. The daughter's first name is My. Other than that, the prefix has no technical meaning.

As for the operative differences between SQL and MySQL, the basic distinction is that MySQL is an open-source or 'free' database management system, while SQL in its various forms is only available through monetary purchase.

MySQL uses the same programming language of SQL called Structured Query Language. The MySQL system is used for a wide range of purposes, including e-commerce, logging applications, data warehousing and more.

MySQL - Perfect for Website Databases

The most common use for MySQL is for management of Website databases. Companies such as Facebook use MySQL due to its dependable robustness, ease of operation and expansive capabilities. MySQL comes with many built-in functions including string, numeric, date-time and other advanced functions.

MySQL works on many operating systems and with many languages including PHP, PERL, C, C++, JAVA, etc. MySQL works very well with large data sets and is extremely compatible with PHP, the most common programming language for Web development.

Database Migration Services

MySQL is a client/server system and once installed and configured, can be expanded to perform many complex tasks with relative ease.

We provide expert setup services for MySQL, SQL and SQL Server (RDBMS) including: Migration of your existing databases, configuration of the system, installing backup systems and more.

If you are considering moving your database operations to a different platform, please contact us today and let us help you make the best decision for your future plans. Our services include Database Migration, Setup, Configuration and Backups. Ready to get started?

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