What is User Testing?

User Testing is all about the customer experience. User Testing also known as Usability Testing of a Website involves a comprehensive evaluation of the 'ease of use' of your Website for your visitors. When the evaluation is complete, we facilitate the implementation of any adjustments needed to increase the ease of intuitive navigation of the Website for your visitors.

The types of tests vary, but generally involve the observation and assessment of your visitors' actions as they navigate your Website. In some instances, companies have their Websites tested from initial development through its live release online.

The purpose of hiring our team to perform a Usability Test is for us to help you create a Website interface that enables visitors to more easily and intuitively use your site to find the information or products that they are seeking. In sum, the Website must serve the user.

Usability Testing

Some of the facets we improve for our clients range from simplifying over-complicated drop-down menus, to seeing how they react to 'calls-to-action,' to something as simple as coding the Website so a new window opens when an internal link is clicked, rather than the current window closing to open another one.

The fundamental question we ask when performing a Usability Audit is whether the interface system is designed to present information in an easy to understand format. We study actions that actual visitors take while on your Website such as mouse clicks, back-and-forth movement, scrolling and other actions.

User Testing For Your Website

One of our goals is to determine exactly where and why your visitors are leaving your Website, and find out if they are leaving prior to obtaining the information they came there to find.

We perform an in-depth analysis of traditional Websites and also on sites optimized for cellphones where movements differ from standard sites. We often find that some Websites are too 'helpful' to the user which can slow down their navigation by performing functions the user did not request nor needs.

A well-functioning Website is a matter of having the proper balance between user needs and functionality of the Website provider.

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